Friday, April 30, 2010

Doing the Right Thing

When I am fearful it is hard to do the right thing. Money has been very tight, for a while. Lately I've been experiencing the sweet serenity that accompanies a heart convinced that God is my provider. To top that off He has been providing for me beautifully in unexpected ways.

Then I hit a bump this week.

Actually I hit a mailbox.

This mailbox.

I'm staying with friends for a few days.



and Hobbes.

Their driveway is super steep and my car is super long. Also the street below is very narrow. Thus this Monday I slowly crept out of the driveway and proceeded to cautiously turn on to the street and ever so carefully plow down this mailbox.

The owners were very gracious and I stepped up to do the right thing and get them a new mailbox. But I have to tell you that inside I just want to run away and shirk my responsibility. I wanted a pass, a get out of jail free card.  I didn't want to spend the money to fix this stupid mistake because I'm afraid that I won't have enough. That's the plain, ugly truth.

So I spent some time in my Bible this morning trying to find a particular verse to comfort me (I really stink at memorizing verse references) when I rediscovered this.

God, who get's invited to dinner at your place? How do we get on your guest list?
"Walk straight, act right, tell the truth.
Don't hurt your friend, don't blame your neighbor; despise the despicable.
Keep your word even when it costs you, make an honest living, never take a bribe.
You'll never get black listed if you live like this."
Psalms 15 Message

Hmmm, don't blame your neighbor and keep your word even if it costs you: how on point is this? The funny thing is I'm in a conflict right now with a couple of companies for harm I received through no fault of my own: much like this poor mailbox who was standing there minding its own business. And what I really want them to do is to not blame their neighbor and keep their word even if it costs them. The justice I want is the very justice I am tempted to deny because I am afraid there will not be enough left for me.

Oh, do I ever need grace and mercy. I am so thankful for those gifts. And for Psalms 15. Fly in grace today and do the right thing, Sweet Birdies. I’m off to pick up a new mailbox.

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P.S. Just a quick update: Due to a discrepancy between the picture on the website and the actual product in the store, Lowes Customer Service offered me a 36% discount on the mailbox. Ok, God just rocks!


mountain mama said...

isn't it amazing when God show us out of His word things that are SO relevant to our situations?!!!

i love it!

also, the discount at lowe's is way cool.

God totally rocks!

Jimi Ann said...

I laughed when I read your this post because I did the same thing! Mine was because I was checking a text message from my husband, who was following me with his car just several feet behind. So obviously I blamed it on him -- although I've repented. :) Yes, God rocks!

imoomie said...

How awesome you were given a discount...God is right there with you. Way to go on doing the right thing!

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