Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Freedom Generation

During the four hundred years that slavery was allowed in my land it is estimated that 11 million Africans lived in captivity: 11 million across four hundred years. But just today, April 15, 2010, over twice as many (27 million) people, primarily women and children, are living as slaves. Shamefully, the greatest demand is for sexual slaves. Millions of sex slaves toiling and suffering around the world, my mind and my heart can't even begin to take it in. But this is the challenge facing my generation. Will we rise up to meet it in battle, or will we turn our backs?

I have some friends who are joining the front lines of this battle. Buddy and Krista have moved their family to Hamburg, Germany to reach out in love to those who work in the Reeperbahn. (Reeperbahn is the second largest red light district in Europe.) Their work and the stories they share through their blog have really put those staggering numbers into a perspective I can comprehend. Krista recently gave a speech that she shared on her blog that helped me have a little more understanding into the mindset of the women who work as prostitutes.

Please take the time to read her post. Then do something. Coffee.Justice.You. is a very simple way to be part of the solution. And don't underestimate the power of your prayers.

This is our moment. This is our battle. Let's be the generation that stood up and said, "Freedom for the captives, now!" Let's be a freedom generation.
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The Brewers said...

joy--this is awesome! thanks for your comment--i thought, i want her email i clicked on your pic and saw you had a blog!!! how fun! and how would i have ever known that you just happened to mention us in yours today? that is crazy :). i love your heart. and you are a great communicator. love the way you worded it all. thanks so much for standing WITH us in this fight!!! :) :) so much LOVE to you :) K

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