Thursday, April 22, 2010

Inspired by the 'Queen of Random'

Tonight, I'm inspired by Shannan, the self-proclaimed Queen of Random.  She's moonlighting at Farmgirl Paints, but her normal blog is Flower Patch Farmgirl.  Anyways, she talked about just sitting down each night and blogging at random.

I liked that idea.  I'm pretty new at this blogging thing, but so far I've been a little more planned: not insincere, not reserved, just planned.  So I thought it would be nice to experiment a little and just write to you, the dear, sweet, six Birdies who are flying with me and any other lurkers out there.  After all that's really what this is, a way for me to break out, to use talents that I think may be gathering dust, or worse, rust.  To overuse commas with abandon and throw out fragments as if they really were sentences.

So, here I am, just me, unplanned and unrehearsed.  Hi, I'm Joybird.  I've been laid off for almost a year from a job that was never my ideal fit.  And you know, it hasn't been the year that I expected, but it has been kind of wonderful.  It's been quiet, in a birds chirping, breeze billowing, summer day kind of way.

I'll be honest. I can be pretty results oriented and I had goals in mind when I was laid off last year. I had plans for me and God, an expectation of what my life would look like by now. And I don't see it. I have not met or surpassed those goals. My annual performance review should be dismal, but it's not. I guess I'm accepting that this year isn't my show. I'm not really setting the agenda. God knows what He is doing in me even when I do not.

And He is doing work inside of me. I feel like a kid trying to peek through knotholes to see construction going on behind a large wooden fence. I can hear activity, I know that something important is going on, but I only catch glimpses and they don't always make sense to me.

So I rest and choose to enjoy this season.  The fence will come down in His perfect time.  Until then I wait.

P.S.  Hmmm, interesting, this random post was far more introspective than I expected.  Hope the pics of Inspector Stinkerbell or at least my random experiments with PhotoBucket made you grin.
Rest well,
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