Friday, April 9, 2010

The Little Things

Sometimes I just have to cheer for the little things. I've been home sick with a cold all week. The days have been gorgeous, sunny, balmy and breezy, all of which I have watched primarily through my windows (except for a looooong day doing medical stuff).  This has left me cranky. But today I celebrate a triumph. Not world peace or even a better way to pick up Dalmatian hair (which would contribute to world peace in my household), but still a triumph. I succeeded at a plumbing project.

My family has a long history of failing at plumbing projects. I have hazy preschool memories of a toilet being turned upside down in the front yard late at night to retrieve a toy that my brother accidently threw into the toilet at the exact moment that I flushed. I have clearer memories of a leaky bathroom faucet resulting in the entire floor of the bathroom being ripped out, including the subfloor. I do recall seeing the dirt below. So needless to say one of our lesser known family mottos is "Prex Precis a Canalis Restituo." (Loosely translated - call a plumber. Look it up. The things you can discover when you delve into genealogy).

But today I am victorious. I solved a plumbing problem without calling a plumber. And I did it while I couldn't even breathe without coughing. First, there erupted a nefarious leak. Then the anti-social hand spigot separated from the wild hose.  At great personal risk, I reunited the two.

Ok, so this actually involved screwing the two pieces back together. But I broke a nail. So I think this counts. Today I will applaud the little victories.
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