Monday, April 5, 2010

Super Cooperative Stinkerbell

So I've been trying to get a specific picture of Stinkerbell for a different post. It requires her to be sleeping. Since she refuses to sleep on command I have to sneak up on her. My gorgeous girl is quite youthful in appearance but she is 14 years old and going deaf. So creeping up on her to take a picture should be no problem, right?

Darn camera!  It makes this tiny beep when it's focused.  How did you hear that?

Seriously.  I tiptoed all the way around the house.  You heard my feet stepping on the grass?  Stinkerbell, I'm becoming very suspicious of this "deafness".  I'm wondering if you aren't just growing ornery.

Look at that face.  Definitely ornery.  And see that artful fog at the bottom of the last picture. Would it gross you out to know that was puppy's nose prints all over the sliding glass window? Oh, it would.  Well..uhmm...pretend it's just an artistic choice.
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1 comment:

Leslie said...

Well, anyone who has a post like this about a dog like that is okay in my book : ) I'll be coming back again to read more about your puppy, and you!

P.S. we have dog nose prints on our windows too...

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