Sunday, August 29, 2010

Publish Post

This summer I've been quiet.  While my heart has been busy, my fingers haven't really been able to pour out the words on my blog.  It's not quite like writer's block, more like a dry season.  But this blog is important to me.  It's almost a way to be accountable: disciplined in both transparency and discretion, two disparate friends who are surprisingly affable companions.  Perhaps what I need to remember is that the essential practice is to speak.  My prose may not be perfect, my pictures not always frameable,  my ideas not always memorable, but they are mine.  Mine to share with you.  Time to drop the internal expectations and simply, consistently, Publish Post.
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The Brewers said...

go for it, girl. i try and write only when i feel compelled to. when we were busy in july and august at times i felt guilty for not posting more for our readers and that is not what's it about. now that i'd have rest and now have some time with grace in school, the posts are starting to come, but still, i want to not put pressure on myself to 'perform.' love to you, k

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