Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Go Gators! or Why do I keep traveling to steamy places?

Warning, random ramble ahead:  Hi y'all, I'm saying y'all again because I spent the weekend in Florida and when you are wilting in the Southern sun with 83,000 close personal friends

and 7,000 stinky adversaries,

you must say y'all, attempt to cool yourself by frantically languidly waving a fan, and sip sweet tea if you have it.  Check out that scoreboard.

At noon on Saturday it was 93 degrees with a heat index of 100+ and 110% humidity.  I had to swim to my seat, the air was so humid.  But the incredibly accurately named swamp is where the Ol' Gators play, so that's where this West coast girl went.

My Dad, our very own Bull Gator, is University of Florida alumnus and to celebrate my Gram's 83rd birthday my family flew out to a Gator game.

Albert the Gator filling in for the retired Mr. Two Bits
So once again, humidity here I come.  (I promise this whiny streak will end soon.  As soon as my body temperature returns to normal.)  At least I expected it this time, resigned myself to dripping with sweat, brought extra sunscreen and wore waterproof mascara.  It snuck up on me when I visited the Northeast.

But the weekend was nice.  We got to hang out with one of the Bull Gator's cousins.  Also we toured the neighborhood where my parents want to move to when they retire.  (I have warned them that in this weather i.m.o. the planes will only be able to fly West.  So I will be unable to visit them.  I will, however, welcome visits in my air conditioned and appropriately dry home.)  It's a picturesque community which I will not insist is full of snakes and alligators although I have my suspicions.

Additionally, my fresh Brazilian Blowout held up pretty well in the moist weather.  Sure it turned wavy underneath but I expect that when I'm drenched in sweat.  Overall I'm super pleased.

And as hot as it was, the sky was gorgeous.

Look at those puffy, white clouds.  They even look 3D in my pic.

Most importantly the Gators won, although not in a pretty way.

In fact the first quarter was downright pitiful.  Although the beautiful third quarter may have made up for it.  It seems like this may be a "rebuilding year".

On a random note to a rambling post, I wonder if a "rebuilding year" is the same as a very long bad hair day.  More like a bad hair year.  Maybe they could use a Brazilian Blowout, cause it must be the humidity y'all.

drying out,
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P.S.  Check out this picture I took at the Gator volleyball game we watched after the football game.

These little girls were so confident and free, I just had to celebrate them.

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