Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Love L.A.

You know how I was talking about my BFF's wedding?  Well, I have set aside this month for the Esther Treatment. Who is Esther and what is her treatment, you ask? 

Around 483 BC much of the known world was under the control of the Persian Empire.  The king of this empire, Artaxerxes, fired his wife after a drunken party ended in a domestic conflict.  Funny how some situations are predictable regardless of what century you live in.  Anyway, over time he begins to feel the consequences of his rash decision (translation, he was lonely.)  So he held an empire wide beauty pageant to find a new wife.  Now this was no Miss America, the details were much more sordid, but like a modern beauty pageant there was at least a year of intense preparation.  Dieting and many beauty treatments were on the menu.  It was the original Extreme Makeover.  A young Jewish woman, Esther, totally caught the king's eye and the smitten man made her queen immediately.  She then went on to risk her life to save her people.  The rest of her story is told in the Bible, in the book of Esther.  But the part that concerns this  named post is the year of beauty treatments. 

I don't have a year; I'm just taking a month to get ready for this wedding.  I want to look and feel as cute as possible.  And I am having so much fun.  This may sound silly to you, but I feel God smiling on me this month.  Every appointment I've had has been so much fun.  I've actually gone to some salons that are not on my normal route and met the most interesting people. 

Yesterday, I realized that I've also traveled all over the city this month. 

I started out with highlights (and a couple of days later) a haircut in La Canada Flintridge, which is an upscale bedroom community nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

My hair has been cared for by Marian Gotanian who is now working out of Nuovo Studio.  I'm really picky with my hair.  She's a good friend of mine and an amazing stylist.  In fact Marian used to own a salon and I was her receptionist when I first moved back to the area. I watched clients go in and out of her chair and they all looked terrific and uniquely themselves.  She's not a cookie cutter stylist.

Next I headed all the way across town, which took a bit of planning.  Now it's not that far, only about thirty miles, but in LA, going across town can take two to three hours at the wrong time of day.  So I headed on down to pricey striking Santa Monica. 


There I was introduced to Jordana Lorraine at Dino Clark Salon.  She changed my life, at least my hair life.  Jordana specializes in the Brazilian Blowout and oh...my...goodness, I love it.  The frizzy bouffant is gone and my flat iron has gone on vacation.  I can still wear it wavy and straight is so easy. 

Yesterday, I made my first visit to Stark, a waxing studio in hipster haven, Silverlake.

I've had waxing done at salons and spas but never at a studio that specializes just in waxing.  It was wonderful:  relatively painless and my esthetician, Sara, was so cool.  I really enjoyed our conversation about local hiking trails and discovered that we are practically neighbors.  Seriously, she lives within walking distance of my home.  By this point in my Esther Treatment I'm just feeling divinely favored.  It's odd that each appointment has both accomplished my goals relatively hassle free and allowed me to meet people I like.

Since I was already on Sunset Boulevard I decided to take a quick jaunt over to Angelino Heights.

There I gave the Esther Treatment to my poor, neglected car.  Honestly, I probably wash my car once every 6 months, and it's dark red which totally shows dirt.  Tut, tut, tut.  This is my favorite car wash.  It's not fancy, just hardworking guys with hoses, shammies and towels.  But it's the best $10 ($8 on Wednesdays) car wash I know. 

It was at the carwash where I realized that this little journey has led me all over Los Angeles.  It's been nice to leave my normal stomping grounds.  I'd like to expand my horizons and explore this beautiful city more often.

Right after I go to Carmel and get a mani/pedi.

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Disclaimer: No one paid me to recommend any of these businesses. But I am open to store credit.


The Brewers said...

okay, sorry, but i need more details on what exactly a brazilian blowout is...and of course i would have liked to see a pic of how your hair looked with it...but first, please explain more... :) glad you're having so much fun gettin all esthered up!

Joybird said...

Hey Krista, A Brazilian Blowout is a brand of keratin treatment. A keratin treatment is basically (very basically) laminating your hair with keratin. It's a "a conditioning, demi-permanent curl relaxer which eliminates frizz and makes your hair easy-as-pie to blow straight for 2-4 months!" You can see before and after pictures at www.jordanalorraine.com. I'll see if I get any good pics of my hair this weekend.

happygirl said...

I love your Esther treatment. I remember you mentioning this to me on our travels. Now I get it. Still searching for your photo post. I'll find it. Hey, you should put me on your blogroll. :)

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