Thursday, September 2, 2010

Whining Down the Mohawk Trail

Hi y'all. Happy Thursday. Time to let my Southern out. And I owe you pictures. Really, I do. If you cast your memory back to the dark ages that were last May, you will remember that I left on a trip and promised you pictures.  Well never let it be said that I am not a woman of my word. 

I flew to Albany, New York for a very special event.  This event was so special that even the weather celebrated in a very personal style.  You see, I was flying out for my little brother's graduation.  After a cumulative nine years of bitter winters in upstate New York my baby brother (BB) loves hot, stuffy environments.  And, in his honor, New York cooperated with the hottest May 25th in ninety years.  The problem was that New York was slightly over exuberant and turned the heat on when I arrived, a day ahead of BB.  I do not love hot, stuffy anything.  I hit BB's upstairs apartment which was doing it's all time best to make up for many frosty nights by impersonating a sauna and was greeted by...

the ever faithful, ever adorable Oscar...and sweat rolling down my back. 

Clearly a road trip was called for: lots and lots of time in an air conditioned rental car.  So I took off for the Berkshires and hit the Mohawk Trail (where Puck was nowhere to be found. hee hee)  Check out the view from this hairpin curve.

Seriously, these panorama shots are worth zooming in.  The day was gorgeous.

I think this is the Deerfield River but I'm not sure and my memory does not extend far enough back to the dark ages of May.  That or sweat erased my memory, it can do that you know. 

Doesn't this look cool and inviting.  Don't be fooled.  I want you to know that I braved walking through unknown woods, dripping with perspiration and risked being eaten by strange, eastern woodland bugs to get this picture for you.  And truly I was thinking of you at the time, because I love y'all that much.

Ok, the flowers are just pretty, and I think you know by now how I feel about pretty.

One common theme in all of my landscape shots is that I am a sucker for water.  Streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, waterfalls, ponds, cricks, deep puddles, I'm there with camera in hand.

This is just cool.  They don't make all of these shades of green in So Cal where I live.


More pretty flowers.

I hiked a tiny, random trail for this view, too.

Now this I did not expect.

I have no idea what this sign meant, but I was so tickled that I just had to stop and take a picture.   Don't you wish you knew the story behind it?  Who is Joe?  Is he trying to stop a pernicious rumor involving the sultry star of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?  Is the maligned Jane Russell a local resident?  Is this just a crafty ploy to waylay tourists? (Totally worked)  Isn't it fun to imagine?

And then there was the most beautiful sight of all.

Dr. Baby Brother, Ph.D., DBB for short, standing with his proud Grams.  Seriously y'all, after five years of hard work, it was worth sweating through his celebration.
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partialemptynester said...

Beautiful pictures!! Love the sign, too funny...there's gotta be a story behind that one!

So proud of your brother and what a darling picture of him, looking off into the future and your grams just can't keep her proud eyes off of great! Thanks for sharing!

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