Monday, October 25, 2010

The Magic of Stinkerbell

Stinkerbell is magic. It's my only explanation.

Stinkerbell currently lives in the yard and sleeps in the garage which is stuffed to the gills filled with almost all of my earthly possessions.  This is her Princess and the Pea dog bed.  As you can see, it is plush: several dog beds and bolster pillows tucked in under a flat sheet covered by a tucked in fitted sheet. Then I lay some loose dog blankets down topped with a sleeping back tucked into the back.

My little monkey likes to sleep under the covers. Weird, I know. But she loves having blankets over her. But sometimes she is not completely adept at tucking herself in throughout the day. It is not uncommon for me to go into the garage and see that she has accidentally torn all of the blankets off of the bed and sometimes the sheets and pillows as well.   

  But last night Stinkerbell outdid herself. Look closely at her bed and how the sheets are tucked in all four sides.

I came out last night to find blankets on the floor but no dog. Listening attentively I could hear the deep, even breathing of a contented dog sleeping. But no Stinkerbell. So I looked closely and realized that she was curled up under the sheets. BUT THE SHEETS WERE STILL TUCKED IN ON ALL FOUR SIDES. Seriously, when I woke her up she couldn't find her way out because she was completely sealed in the bed. I had to tear apart the end to get her out before she panicked. I would have taken a picture but if you read this post you know that it takes divine intervention for me to actually get a picture of Stinkerbell sleeping. She is hypersensitive to paparazzi.

I realize that I call her Stinkerbell, but I had no idea that her Pixie Dust (which nefariously disguises itself as constantly shedding dog hair) gave her the ability to magic herself under the covers and then make the bed on top her. I know now not to underestimate her magic. If only I could train to perform other cleaning tasks.  A little vacuuming wouldn't hurt.

a little baffled and amazed (and giggling, too)
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Teresa said...

Stinkerbell sounds like a fun companion. Our dog is Ellie, but we call her Smelly Ellie. She doesn't sleep under covers, but is always trying to sneak off her dog bed an inch at a time.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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