Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Music of my Childhood

One of the things I learned in my acting classes (I'm an actor, did you know?  I have a shiny BA and all to prove it.)  Anyway, one of the things I learned in acting classes was how your senses-smells, the quality of light, a song-can trigger memories.  This came to my mind one afternoon as I was cooking. We were watching the BBC series about a country vet, All Creatures Great and Small.  I was ruminating (how's that for a bovine inspired word) on the theme song and how comforting it is to me.

All Creatures was one of my mom's favorite series when I was small.  Somehow this quiet, warm pastoral drama epitomizes my mom to me.  As does I Love Lucy. 

This was one of my Grandma Arlene's favorite shows and so it was one of my Mom's.  I am absolutely positive that I saw every episode filmed while I was growing up, more than once.  My mom used to be able to tell you in the first ten seconds which episode was airing. 

Now I don't want to leave my Dad out of this reminiscing.  There is an old tv show that brings him to my mind everytime.  

The Rockford Files, do you remember this show?  I wish I had a clip that combined the ringing phone and answering machine with the theme song.  I think I could pick Rockford's phone ring out of a line up.  I loved this wise cracking detective although he was on too late for me to watch him often.  But I remember hearing the theme song drift out of the living room where my parents' were trying to enjoy some down time.   Jim Rockford's dry humor makes me think of my own dad, the Bull Gator.  And I think I still have a crush on James Garner. 

What about you?  Do have any songs that bring back bright memories of your early days?
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Farmgirl Paints said...

Well that's a cool thing to learn about you. WOW! I loved I love Lucy. One of the greatest shows ever. I have a very distinct memory of that old song "fire"...remember the lyrics? Romeo and Juliet...Sampson and Delilah...

Joybird said...

It rang a bell, but I couldn't place the song. My friends Google and YouTube helped me out. Yeah I think I remember the Pointer Sisters version.

Karmen said...

I used to watch the BBC show with my parents growing up. I love that show.

mountain mama said...

smells do that to me...certain smells take me back to my grandma's garden in an instant!!

i'm really enjoying your blogs...your craftiness, your openess about your faith and the Lord and your sense of self.

glad we "met"! :)
thank you so much for your prayers today!!

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