Monday, January 10, 2011


One of the bloggers I read regularly, Farmgirl Paints, chooses a word for each year. Cool idea, huh. Then I stopped by Jolly Goode for the first time and found that she had done the same thing; her word for this year is brave.

It struck me.

Do I have a word? I whispered.

Would He answer?

Quietly, like leaves falling to the ground after the dancing wind passes; I heard it,


My eyes sting with a mix of hope-bloom, joy-burst and fear.


New means change, different sometimes awkward and uncomfortable.

But isn’t New what I have been crying out for, afraid to hope for, disappointment so often hounds hope to death.


Kind of exciting.

Stick around.

Let’s hold our breaths, listen for the still small Voice and watch for New together.
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Transparent Mama said...

Hey Joybird. Dontcha just LOVE Farmgirl Paints!! NEW is a fabulous word for the year. Not scary at all. : )

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