Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Want Best

I’m in the middle of the end and waiting
Quietly resting,
Trying to do the good I see in front of me each day,
Occupying yet fighting preoccupation.
There is one door at the end
He said.
One door held open for you by My unmovable hand.
Yet the only sign I can read over the door is exit
Or is it entrance?
Time ticks away unrelentingly.
Ten feet is a longer distance than I realized.
Eyes on me,
Sweet hands knocking on doors,
Doors I didn’t asked to be opened,
Doors I don’t want.
But am I wrong?
Calling faith what is in fact fear?
Rest what is in fact sloth?
Do their eyes see clearly the deception of my heart?
I ask
Holding my breath
Struggling to submit in the pause
Do you want them?
My door is for you.
Mine, you will want.

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-t- said...

"Ten feet is a longer distance than I realized."

so true.
one step at a time :)

praying that you'll know Peace as He leads you to His/his door

Belinda said...

Some lovely lines of paradoxes here. An enjoyable, thought-provoking read.

Visiting from Emily's Imperfect Prose.

Brian Miller said...

some interesting thoughts here...esp regarding doors i wait for my door but perhaps some have been opened i just dont want...but then where is faith over fear?

Ramblings by Carol Nuckols said...

I often wonder if I'm doing too much or too little. These days, I kind of think it's too little. But I'll take some rest (not sloth) after decades of doing too much.

Courtney Walsh said...

I have the hardest time resting. Even when I feel like God's told me to rest. It's just not in me for some reason. I need to get better about that...

Bev said...

"My door is for you.
Mine, you will want."

god's best...he will take us there if we just let him...
love your writing, glad i found you!

Kati patrianoceu said...

The door can often seem like a moving target, can't it? Moving backwards even... or at least so it feels

J said...

I loved these lines:

Doors I didn’t asked to be opened,
Doors I don’t want.

I relate very much to that. There is much to fear, isn't there? And much to trust God with. You have such a wonderful rhythm to your writing. I hope to spend more time reading here.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. No, my husband is not better now, but was for a short time. He was in all accounts healed...but then became sick again and I still wonder why. I think I have really struggled in how to pray now--I haven't felt like praying as fervently as I did before because I figure that God already closed that healing door. I've had to push through that and believe that God's ways are best, and there could very well be healing in the future. We do have quite a story (my husband got sick the month we were married) and we are entering into 14 years of marriage now--and with hope I say the story isn't finished yet. :o)

Blessings to you today.

emily wierenga said...

Calling faith what is in fact fear?
Rest what is in fact sloth?

oh friend...

oh, this struck so deep it made me tremble.

i think, (i think)... that we dare care, and he will take care of the rest. does this make sense? if we want to believe, he will honor that. we just have to try.

oh, i love this and the way you made me think. don't stop. :)

Lissa said...

that is beautiful

Lisa notes... said...

Wow. Walk through that door. Takes faith, even with fear. Thanks for sharing such beautiful poetry.

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