Saturday, February 19, 2011


too hard

too high

this city’s walls are too high

i am so small

i will be destroyed

how can this be the first stop in a promise?

everything in me longs to

run         hide         release         abandon

anything triumphant must come from You

there is nothing left in me.
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mountain mama said...


here i the middle of no where...with three kids...

what in the world am i going to do? how am i going to make it?


praise God with His help, all things are possible!!

Brian Miller said...

yeah i know this feeling...and i am glad you sang anyway as worship is a balm to the wounds as we stumble forward....find that grace...

Leslie said...

oh, i've been here, i've been HERE. your words are so good, so heartfelt. may He be everything in your nothingness.

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