Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today or Learning Mind Control from Winnie-the-Pooh

The second stage of grief, denial, can be described:
people in this stage refuse to accept or are unable to accept the reality of the situation.
I find myself contemplating loopholes, elaborate rescue schemes and explanations to disbelieve what my

eyes see. But instead of shutting these ideas down, building a dam to keep these thoughts out I want to let

them flow through me like Poohsticks floating down a stream: bob into my mind and siphon on out. 

I don’t want to grab onto 

them as if they are life

preservers which may firmly

drown me in denial. Nor do

I want to shut down the

flow of grief in order to

protect myself from them;

this will just leave me stuck.

I tried both of those ways in

the past with disastrous

results. I don’t think these

ideas and feelings can harm

me if I experience them and

move on, letting the healing

(I hope) flow.
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Jodi said...

When I was going through something very painful, a good friend said to me, "Sometimes it hurts so much we can't even pray. All we can do is breathe. Just breathe. God is there".

mountain mama said...

i agree girl...just gotta feel what there is to feel and healing with come.

easier said than done i might add :)

Transparent Mama said...

I like the end- hope.flow.

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