Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Yay, a blog award!  Thanks Mountain Mama.  (And is that how to spell yay?  I've been spelling it that way for the last month because y-e-a-h looks like yeah as in a slangy yes.  But I may have made up this spelling.)  Here's how this meme works.  I tell you seven things you probably don't know about me if you only know me through my blog and introduce you to 15 recently discovered blogs (I love referrals) to whom I will pass this award.  So here goes:

7 Random facts or anecdotes you may not know about me

1)  I have a very sensitive sense of smell.

2)  My first job (outside of family or babysitting) was a photographer for Santa at the mall.  (We all wore these horrible Laura Ashley corduroy jumpers so we looked like Santa and his pregnant teenage elves.)  One evening I could have sworn I smelled rubber or wires burning. (See #1) I told my manager who blew me off.  Later that night the set burned down due to an electrical fire.
See, looks like Santa and his pregnant teenage elf.
3)  I had family living in America while we were still British Colonies. On the other hand, my Great-grandmère Camille immigrated here from France as a 15 year old war bride during World War I.
Ok, so these aren't really my ancestors, but you get the idea.
4)  In the middle of my first year at UCSD I became the mouthpiece of a student led political movement to regain monies to remodel our dance studios.  I helped organize the protest, spent the day educating students and asking them to join the dance in, spoke at numerous meetings both public and private, contacted all of our sister UC dance programs and spammed the chancellor,  all while having taken only one and a half dance classes. (Thank God for the more knowledgeable juniors and seniors who educated me and sacrificially fought for a building that would never directly benefit them.) We won 3 million dollars to build a new facility!  I sat on the building committee overseeing its construction  and eventually had the privilege to dance in the beautiful new studios.


5)  I've personally seen three U.S. Presidents speak.

6)  Throughout college I spent my summers and holidays working at Disneyland. While I can't officially tell you what I did, I can say that I worked very, very closely with a certain big cheese and his similarly sized pals. (wink wink)

A couple who look suspiciously like my parents with Mickey...uhmm...they're big fans.

7)  God told my parents at about the same time, in separate rooms (Bull Gator was in the chapel & Mom was in her hospital bed) what name I was to be given.  So really, God named me. 

And a blogger is born.

15 Some (fairly) recently discovered blogs that I name as Stylish Bloggers
(if they so choose to accept which of course they are under no obligation to do)

1)  Elk Farmer's Blog - exactly what it sounds like, an Oregon Elk Farmer's blog. Completely fascinating. my fav post: Flying Squirrel

2)  Bflatminor's Blog - the adventures of an itinerant singer & songwriter discovering what it means to live Occupation: artist. Also Jess is a wonderful friend. my fav post: Tiny Pop Dancer

3)  Learning - April is coming later to marriage and motherhood than she planned and traveled there via a few years in Romania working with at risk children.  There is just something about her heart in her writing that draws me. my fav post: Romania II

4)  Albatross Fables - Arnab is a dreamer in New Delhi.  I love getting glimpses of his world, beautiful and heartbreaking, like all of our worlds. my fav post: A Grand Relationship

5)  The Simple Things in Life - a tender view into the everyday life of a family in New Zealand.  I've always loved this country and something about this young family reminds me a bit of my own childhood. my fav post: Weekend

6)  WayStationOne - Brian's words are strong, like cappuccino, some days they can almost crush my soul other days he just plays ping pong with them. my fav post: exorcising demons

7)  The Screaming Kettle at Home - David, too, loves his words.  He can craft a story with power and while we don't always see the world in the same way I trust his heart.  Plus his daughter Yosi, is a crack up. my fav post: I don't like the juice of beetles.

8)  Ostriches Look Funny - profound and clever insights from the sometimes mundane sometimes ludicrous world of a mom to pre-schoolers.  my fav post: A Mother's Prayer vs. The Dark Side

9)  60Piggies - Nic's photo's are gorgeous, her heart is so open and to top it off, she's just really encouraging.  This artist-mother also sells gorgeous jewelry to raise funds to bring their youngest, who currently resides in Ethiopia, home. my fav post: a recipe for antifreeze

10)  12 Tribes - Cindy is a thinker and an artist who can get into the Word.  I means she breaks down the meanings of the words in the Word and then sees them weaving through her life. my fav post: Celebrate-with Zephaniah 3:17

11)  Olsonomics: Old Ollie is the kind of storyteller that makes me think of a warm fire after a hard day's work.  His tales of Bruce Fish, French and Pancake breathe.  They are short and alive. my fav post: looking into French's notebook

12)  Finding Serendipity -  Patty's photography is stun-ning.  You have to go look.  Of course I love landscape and macro nature shots and she is very good. Go be inspired. my fav post: Photo a la {M}ode {5} :: sure signs of spring

13)  A Thousand Words - Kati is a world traveler and beautifully chronicles the people and places around her.  Her words can bring a land I've never stepped foot on to life in my head.   And she's also pretty a pretty honest questioner of life; one who is not always satisfied with simple answers to complex issues.  my fav post: Hope...Women on Display

14)  Hope Whispers - When I first visited Carrie I was rapt with attention.  From her header to the quotes sprinkled around the page I loved it. Then her poetry sealed the deal.  my fav post: The Callused Knees of Mercy

15)  Being Happy -   happygirl is new to blogging and has hit the web with unbridled enthusiasm. You know what I like about her?  She is honest.  She doesn't hide her feelings and I admire that.  my fav post: I can still perform an act of love

16)  The Curious AcornJodi lives in the USA but there is something distinctly British about her in my opinion.  She is an artist and I love the way she looks at the world. Her illustrated journals are amazing. my fav post: As We Sing

17)  Little Moth - totally cool design blog showcasing creative and interesting children's rooms.  So inspiring. my fav post: Just Because 

18)  Love WinsEloraNicole goes deep but writes so clearly you can follow her path.  And I want to follow her path.  I want to see where she ends up.  She also wrote a great series of notes from Idea Camp: Orphan Care. my fav post: He Knows

19)  Rista-ree's Mysteries - I love Rista's contradictions.  She loves Jesus with a pure heart and loves dark gothic fantasy.  We bonded over George McDonald. my fav post: After the Happily Ever After...

Have fun checking out these cool blogs, including Mountain Mama, and tell me what you think!
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mountain mama said...

wow, great/interesting things to know about ya!! :)

Ostriches Look Funny said...

You are toooooo kind! thank you for the award. And THANKS a MILLION for this hilarious and insightful post about yourself. I love getting to know you, you and your protesting ways.
I hope I get a message from the Lord on what to name Number 3. We are stumped. Gah!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...thank you much...and congrats on the well deserved award...some neat things about you as well...named by God...fighting for the building in college, how cool is that...and seeing three presidents...

i am pretty lame in comparison...

1. i was in a traveling clown group once

2. shortly there after i came to my senses and was a singer in a heavy metal band

3. finally i grew up to become a cop, a counselor, a salesman, a trainer, head of training for a very large company, a youth pastor, executive pastor, and now once again a counselor. one day i will find a job that sticks.

4. i can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue

5. i have worked at least one day in 26 diferent states

6. lima beans are my kryptonite...really i can eat anything else but they make me gag big time

7. my teddy bear that i grew up with is still in existance and stays in my sons room.

ha. nice warning, i can be strong at times, i try to balance it with ping pong days...smiles

Jodi said...

Merci beaucoup, sweetheart. I linked to you on my blog. I want you to know I've always appreciated your thoughtful comments. Writing comments takes time and I'm grateful for yours. The Santa elves are HI-larious!

cathy said...

Congratulations and it's nice to know more about you ;)

happygirl said...

Oh Joybird, I love learning new things about you and CONGRATULATIONS on the Stylish Blogger. Thank you so much for sharing. I, too, will link you on my blog. And, I too have a very sensitive sense of smell. My son does not appreciate this. Can't wait to post my award on my blog. I'm so HAPPY.

imoomie said...

Very interesting trivia, exciting life !

imoomie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tinuviel said...

Thanks for commenting over at crumbs so I'd come by here and get acquainted. I especially love names with stories. :)

There's lots more here I want to explore. I used to dance seriously, too, and have been known to call my dogs "Stinkerbell" when warranted. Even though all our dogs have been male. I'm a mean mommy.

Delighted to meet you! God bless you today.

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