Saturday, May 28, 2011

7DS: Tink

I love Tinkerbell.

 Have I ever told you that? I know this will come as a shock to you. After all everyone dresses their full grown Dalmatians up as Tink for Halloween.

Don’t they?  I think it was sometime in high school when I realized how much I admired Tink. We had so much in common. Blonde…check. Petite, she’s tiny

and well, I have to hem petite pants to get them to fit…check. Body issues …

check.  Tends to use anger to cover more vulnerable emotions…

check.  Loves to laugh and is slightly clumsy…

check.  Attracted to cocky boys who crack her up but are determined to never grow up

uhhmmmm….plead the Fifth.

But really, I think it’s her personality where I feel the most kinship. If you think about it, Tinkerbell is the most developed of the Disney heroines (hhhmmhhh, personality wise.) Her choices aren’t always wise but they are choices. If someone comes along to steal her man, she doesn’t sit around waving her wrist crying waiting for an animals deus ex machina to rescue her like some characters I can name.
Yeah it’s instrumental but you know the story, I couldn’t find the English version on YouTube.
No! Tink flies faster (because hello they can all fly due to her not some wishful thinking) and tells the Lost Boys to shoot the Wendy-bird down. So maybe her ethics need some help, (I’ve never hired a sniper myself and I don’t recommend them, just sayin’.)

And later on when she’s hurt and rejected by Peter, Tink’s manipulated by Captain Hook to betray him.

But we’ve already established that she has issues. Doesn’t that make her more vibrant and interesting? Far more real than the abused yet perfectly patient and kind princess (cough Cinderella cough). And she made choices, sometimes bad ones, but actual choices. The story follows Tink, she doesn’t follow it. I just love that.

So now Disney is waking up to the fabulousness of Tinkerbell and building a brand (cause that what they do best folks, build brands.) Borrowing on the prolific talents of Gail Carson Levine, Tink now has a profession, friends, she’s actually mourning the loss of her relationship with Peter (Tink has found recovery, y’all) and there’s a new guy. Terence likes her for who she is, is slightly more appropriate in size and just wants to be there for her; even if he is lamely called a sparrow man I like him.

So will Tink ever wake up and find love? I don’t know. This pixie’s got issues but she’s got tons to offer, too. After all she’s held audiences spellbound for over a century. But if she ever does I have the perfect gift for her. Can you believe it, while crawling the internet I found a bridal gown for Tinkerbell!

This lovely gown is not my style but I can’t even fathom more ideal bridal array for my favorite fairy. I have no idea who designed and created this dress. Perhaps dressmaking fairies clandestinely market through But I’ve stumbled onto their secret. Can’t you just imagine Tinkerbell floating along a balmy May breeze in Meadow Vale? It would be a wedding to make all of Pixie Hollow proud!

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Jodi said...

I LOVED THIS!! So much fun getting to know you better. So you hem petite pants? That's so funny, because I've always imagined you tall!

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