Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Math

Pop quiz! Can you calculate the following equation?

(1happygirl + 1joybird) America’s Finest City = 

happy happy

joy joy

happy happy


Yes, I finally had my first blogmeet, you know, when you actually meet someone in the 3d world that you were introduced to in the blogosphere. She’s hanging out in San Diego for a few days and while SD isn’t exactly nearby anymore, it will always be my college town. And it’s so beautiful, so I raced on down to give Happygirl a tour of my San Diego. She was a total sport as I drove her around my college campus dropping fascinating tidbits like, I lived there, I danced over there, I stubbed my toe while walking to a mid-term over there. You get the idea. Since she was such a great sport I thought you might be, too. So I’ll share the some of that same intriguing information with you.

This amazing spot has the uniquely obvious name of “the Cliffs.” Actually I think it’s officially called the Knoll but in all my years there I only ever heard it referred to as the Cliffs. This was within walking distance of my dorm and I loved coming here to unwind, or vent, or watch the sunset, or dance by the light of the moon, or watch these guys

or just gape as they built this little cottage I like to call my future retirement home.

Then HG and I went down to the La Jolla Cove and you know this was the only picture I took.

I don’t know when I visited the Cove and only took one picture. Frankly that is completely a testament to HG’s sparkling storytelling skills. I had so much fun getting to know her I forgot to take pictures of one of my favorite places on earth.

From there we drove around a bit more and then ate at one of my favorite SD restaurants, Old Town Mexican Café. The carnitas are delish but the real reason I eat there every time I drive far enough south…

homemade tortillas! There is nothing equal to a freshly made tortilla. A-maz-ing.

Finally we walked around Old Town and I remembered that I’m still a blogger and I pulled out my camera.

As the sun began to dip I sadly had to say goodbye, in the 3d world at least to Happygirl. I was nervous to meet her but so thrilled to spend the day with my new friend. She’s funny and honest and determined to choose positive, just like she is when I read her blog. Thanks Happygirl for spending a whole vacation day with me!

On my way back to the freeway I saw the sun setting the harbor ablaze and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. So I did what any good blogger would do (again forgetting my frightful oversight at the Cove) and I whipped into a parking lot to take a million sunset-y pictures.

With love for my college town and much happy happy joy joy for time with Happygirl,
Blog Med Sig 4


Bristol said...

Wee! This is so sweet, Joybird. Love the real-life blog friend meeting. Wonderful!
That first picture of the ships and the sunset is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

happygirl said...

Your photographs are breathtaking. Thanks for the happy happy joy day. It was GREAT to meet you.

Jodi said...

Boy oh boy! I want to visit you now. Or you can visit me. And I'll try to talk with a British accent (hehe).

mountain mama said...

yay! what fun!!!!

Laura said...

This looks so fun! What a beautiful city! I want to come! I have a girlfriend in San Diego and I have been threatening to drop in for years, but just have never made it. you make me want to...

Tiffini said...

I daydream or write looking at that view! Beautiful pictures and it is dinner time here and looking at those tortillas..I've never had a homemade one...better put that on my bucket list:) thanks for sharing and so happy you had a friend to see beauty together...

amy said...

so jealous:) glad you had such a great time! still awaiting our meeting, hopefully it will be soon!

Vera said...

i love all your photos!
they,re adorable!

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